Traditional IT

The focus of OperationIT’s Traditional IT Division is to provide technical expertise to our clients in a variety of areas from IT Support, Telecommunications, Mobile Device Support, Networking, Web Administration, System Administration, Server Support and much more.

The purpose of this division is to execute cost-effective strategies that help our clients focus on their needs and goals rather than the screening and vetting process.

To help our clients achieve their goals we have established a team of recruiters with the knowledge and experience to locate the most talented technical minds in the industry. In order to make sure our clients have the top talent in the fastest possible manner, we have a recruiting team that is screening and sourcing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our US and off shore recruiting teams work in conjunction to make sure our clients have the top talent in the market ahead of the competition.

Not only does our team screen for the proper technical fit but they have also been trained to seek those candidates with the proper personality fit for our clients’ unique environments. We understand that technical knowledge is extremely important but a candidate's people skills and communication can be just as important if not more in some cases.

Our staffing expertise spans all industries, nationwide and Canada.