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More than any other business driver, competition characterizes the retail industry. Globalization, deflation, diversification of sales channels and, most of all, changing customer demands have merged to create a cutthroat environment in which retailers struggle to turn a profit.

Your online channel is now becoming significantly important. It is driving significant revenue, often times more than other channels, such as physical store floor, catalog sales etc. And it is strategic, a powerful engine of revenue for your business — growing 20 to 25 percent annually and outpacing the growth rates of other channels. Yet competition is fierce as all retailers are becoming more effective online and finding unique ways to differentiate their offerings, such as providing high-touch service in the call center, adding deeper personalization, and incorporating relevant shopping tools. To stay competitive and increase market share, you must put your emphasis on customer retention, not just customer acquisition.

Diversification of POS, product mix, and customer fad, has made survival and growth highly competitive. Ensuring the customer is offered the right product, at the right price, and the right time, is the goal of OperationIT’s Retail industry focus. It’s personnel takes integration and collaboration across the entire value chain, offering a range of end-to-end solutions as demand-management, merchandise management and planning, store operations, and base finance and HR functions, to help connect every link. From the supplier to the manufacturer to the retail store. So you can do instant market analysis and quickly reconfigure pricing. And give your customers what they want, when they want it.

Some of the areas our specialized solutions as SAP for Retail, Oracle Retek, Microsoft Dynamics RMS etc., offered by our experts cover are:

  1. Business/Customer intelligence and Analytics solutions
  2. Customer relationship management
  3. Enterprise Resource Planning
  4. Inventory Optimization Solutions
  5. Price Optimization Solutions
  6. Merchandising and supply chain solution
  7. Point-of-sale solution
  8. Supplier relationship management
  9. Supply chain management
  10. Rapid Expansion Solutions
  11. Retail Space Optimization Solutions
  12. Store Integration Solutions